Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Start of DragonheartedCode

I have failed at blogging

   Now the blog itself wasn't really a failure. ASCII, Dice, and Why was a good blog and has a number of interesting posts on it. The problem was it had three different audiences. It was about roguelikes, programming, and roleplaying which wasn't even the modern style but the old school. Roguelikes and programming had overlap as I am working on programming a roguelike but the last doesn't fit that well. I could probably pick it back up but if I did then I would like to refocus it on roleplaying. So yeah, this is my programming blog.

   I have been approaching the end of my college course for a while now. There is one thing I have been seeing and been told on numerous programming blogs, podcasts, and such. It is that the type of job I want will be a lot easier to get if I have a couple of specific things. First is of course a backlog of projects, preferably on Github, as well as with contributions to opensource projects. That is being worked on and not entirely unrelated to this blog, but then we get to the second thing. That is have a blog about what you do. It doesn't have to be popular, it just have to exist and be updated semi-regularly. Having one shows that not only do you know what your blogging about but it shows you are into to it. Have you yet to read a blog where the person hated what they where talking about? I am willing to bet that even if you did it was very obvious. This is my blog to show that I love what I do and want to share it with you.

Of course that is very selfish

   That isn't the point of this blog though. While I would like to use this to leverage myself into a good job that is not why I am doing this blog. I had a blog about all these different things I was interested in even before all that. This will probably be the least informative post on the whole blog, maybe barring my deciding to post something stupid for April fools day. Let me lay out why I am doing this for you.

   I spent the last couple weeks trying to learn SDL2 for C++. I was bashing my head against Lazy Foo's tutorials because the previous one for SDL was really good. Now mind you, the SDL2 tutorial isn't bad. There are people who will very much be able to learn what they need to learn from it. Problem was it wasn't setup right for how I needed to learn. Then I found a tutorial within the last couple days that was right for me. TwinklebearDev has a tutorial for SDL2 which just fit right with how I wanted to learn. I will be doing a post about SDL2 later as I still have something to finish. There is some self learning and modification of the code I ended up with from it that I want to do first.

   Now what does this have to do with this blog you ask? Basically I want to give back what I have gotten and more so. Someone out there is learning SDL2 and what I found would help them. I heard A really good way to look at it from a podcast I have been listening too recently. The host of Giant Robots Crashing into other Giant Robots encourages people to start their own blog about what they do. The reason for this is that while you know it now since you have learned it the you from a week ago would have loved to know what you understand now. This blog is for you out there who don't know yet.

Here is to learning because the moment I stop learning is the moment I am dead.

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